About Us

About Love Live Glow

Love.Live.Glow is a lifestyle brand that spreads love, peace and positivity through its high vibe reiki charged crystals and crystal infused goods created with love + intention to glow from within! You should not only glow on the outside but also in your soul - Let Your Soul Glow! 


​Meet The Creator

Lovingly nicknamed "Muva Glow" by her friends for obvious reasons, Krissy Adams is a certified Reiki and Crystal healer who has always had an affinity with crystals. She started Love.Live.Glow in 2019 to share how she used healing crystals when overcoming childhood trauma and heartbreaks as well as anxiety from fear of failure, and all things prohibiting us from living in our purpose.  

Krissy is a woman who cares deeply for the mental health and community of women of color, which was why she launched The Collective: "a mission [to] increase brand exposure, break into new markets, add extra value to products/services created by women of color through collaborative efforts." She also has an eagerness to partner with other like-minded individuals in spreading awareness. 

To learn more about what makes Krissy, "The Manifestation Goddess" you can follow her personal IG page at @_muvaglow_