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Crystal Care


Cleansing your crystals' energy - especially when you first bring them home is an important part of being a crystal mom. Bonding with them, giving them love and attention will keep the connection between your personal energy and your crystals strong and clear-flowing, allowing for the personalized magic to manifest.



  • Smoke: sage, palo santo and incense moves and purifies energies.
  • Water: Gently run under tap water to cleanse do not submerge.
  • Sunlight: Powerfully shines away stale energies and is an extremely activating force. Place in sun for at least 4 hours.
  • Moon bath: Lay crystals overnight in a place where the moonlight will touch them for potent charging. Indoor windowsills, and tables near window are
  •  Earthing: Place your crystal on or under the soil in a houseplant, or bury under a few inches of soil in your garden - return them to earth!
  • Sound: Music's vibrational waves harmonize the energy of everything it touches. Singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, chanting mantras, or ringing bell can all cleanse and recharge your crystals. 
  • Other Crystals: Place your crystals on top of a clear quartz or selenite to clear and cleanse any stagnant energy.

All crystals have various energies and properties. Promoting love and feelings, aiding with anxiety, benefiting your mental, physical and emotional state are just a few of the qualities of crystals. Please view each crystal listing for a more in depth description of each individual crystal's benefits.


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