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I hold sacred space for women to heal their hearts of emotional trauma and release self-doubt through radical self-love, inner child healing + body mindfulness to awaken the divine feminine and live a whole, heart-centered life!



A powerful process which starts and ends with you; get to work with me on a more intimate level for an healing experience more catered to your inner child journey. Through reiki, crystal therapy, guided meditation and journaling, you will raise your awareness and deep insights. I will intuitively and energetically guide you see unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviors which may be limiting you and preventing you from radical self-love.

Our sessions together will:

  • Raise your awareness of your unconscious patterns and processes, putting you in a position of choice about the life you are creating and the stories you choose to tell.
  • Challenge you to take full responsibility for your life and your actions – removing the option of blaming others and disempowering yourself.
  • Increase your self-belief by exposing your inner critic, nurturing your inner child and revealing the ways in which you sabotage your own success.
  • Encourage you to be authentic – to face your fears and follow your heart.

To determine if you and I are a match for our coaching services, book a discovery call with me.



1 HR DISTANCE CHAKRA CLEARING + SOUND HEALING - Your session will start with a consultation and chakra assessment. This is a relaxing and restorative meditative experience to clear and balance the energy within the chakras through the use of sound therapy + crystals. After the call you will receive a write up of my notes and recommendations.

*$150  w/o crystals | *$180  w/crystals shipped to you


30 Min INTUITIVE CRYSTAL READING - Your session will start with a consultation, energy scan and oracle card pull. We will discuss the crystals and themes that are prominent and how those stones can be incorporated into your life to promote greater balance. After the call you will receive a write up of my notes + recommended stones.

*$50 w/o crystals | *$80 w/crystals shipped to you


For special requests for sessions, private group events, or appointments in other cities, we would be happy to accommodate you and provide a service quote. All request can be sent to

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