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Florida Water

Florida water is an ancient blend that is used for protection, cleansing your space, removing negativity and is used for spiritual cleansing. Florida water Is also used to attract good fortune, untie energetic cords, and opens up energy to spirits and ancestors when seeking guidance.

Here are some rituals you can practice with your Florida Water:

Blessing Floorwash: Add Florida Water to your normal cleaning mix to add extra blessings of protection.⠀

Foot Bath: Take a small basin or bucket, add warm water and a splash of Florida water and dip your feet to give you a blessing of guidance and direction.⠀

Remove Evil eye ritual bath: Draw yourself a bath, add a dash Florida Water, a handful of Confidently Lost bath soak and 3 drops of Confidently Lost Bae Oil.⠀

Blessing ritual Bath:⠀Draw yourself a bath, add a dash of Florida Water, a dash of Soulmate Intention Mist and 3 drops of Soulmate Bae Oil to bring happiness and blessings.⠀

Laundry ritual :Add a dash of Florida Water to your fabric softener or final laundry rinse to bless and protect your clothes.⠀
Crystal Cleanse: Bathe your crystals in diluted Florida Water to cleanse and protect them.⠀

Good Dreams: Place Florida Water and Sea Water in a bowl under the bed to invite good dreams.⠀

Home Blessing: Sprinkle on windowsills and thresholds to protect your home and welcome good energy.⠀

Head Blessing: Place a capful of Florida Water in with your hair conditioner to bless your head.⠀

Alter/Sacred Space: wipe down your altar/sacred space or spray or sprinkle in one's workspace to bring about an air of balance

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