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Full Moon Ritual Kit


What’s inside:
✨Spiritual Bath Soak: epsom salt, pink salt, rose petals, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint + Clary sage

✨White Sage bundle

✨Release paper strip 

✨Tea light candle

✨Selenite (cleanse + clarity )  Obsidian (protection) Amazonite (truth ) Moonstone (intuition)

✨ Abalone Shell

How to use this kit: 

REFLECT: the Full Moon is all about releasing what's no longer serving you. Reflect on your energy and what you've been struggling with mentally/emotionally. It's best to start with burning your sage and centering with meditation or journaling.

RELEASE: use your release paper strip to write what it is that you would be releasing and burn it in the candle. 

RENEW: now you are ready to cleanse away all the old stagnant energy with your bath soak. You can shower beforehand if you feel called.




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