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Glow Goddess

"I unleash my inner goddess for greatness. I'am divinely made"

Never will you shrink yourself to make others comfortable. A Goddess is bold, she knows exactly who she is. She is resilent, strong, but soft and full of grace. 

She is magical, and she is YOU!! Shine your light like the Goddess you were born to be. 🔆

Get into vibrational alignment with your desires with our Goddess Rituals boxes which come already bathed under moon and infused with healing reiki energy. This ritual box was made with the intention for you to GLOW, just as your soul does. Each box will include:

  • Goddess Mist - Rose Quartz infused
  • Glow Goddess - Carnelian infused
  • 2 crystals for empowered femininity (rose quartz + moonstone)
  • Branded pouch for safe keeping
  • Kabuki Brush
  • Affirmation + Intention card

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