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New Year, New Vibes

Each set will include 6 stones, a branded satin pouch, palo santo, and crystal identification card. The theme for 2022 is DIVINE ABUNDANCE which this year we access abundance by learning how to let go of the things no longer serving us. We hope you get your year started off right with intention when purchasing our newest crystal set curated specifically with these intentions in mind!

  • Fluorite: the "Genius Stone", the crystal of focus, clear-thinking and inspiration. If you struggle with concentration or hyperactivity, stone helps clear mental fog and disorganization

  • Labradorite: protects the aura from negative energies + help uncover illusions. stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety + stress. Excellent at awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities.

  • Tiger’s Eye: gives you the strength and courage to go after your goals. stabilizes emotions and is also quite grounding just as it's protective by deflecting negative energy. stone of good luck, and will attract prosperity.

  • Hematite: an extremely powerful crystal tool for recharging your personal wiring and energy. helps anchor you in the present moment. vital stone for rebalancing, especially when life's stressors bring you close to short-circuiting.

  • Sunstone: good luck, success and abundance are said to be three major attributes that all who work with this stone. Likely to amplify good luck and the attraction of prosperity. wonderful for anyone who struggles with creating boundaries. Negative energy is dispelled and replaced with the highest forms of light, as well as the essence of the sun

  • Aventurine: great for creativity, motivation, leadership and decisions. calms and soothes emotions. aids in relaxation and can facilitate contact with spirit guides.

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